Apcpdcl — request new service for sapota tree

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Hi team,

We requested to provide new services for two 7 hp motors, they have arranged 25 kva 3 phase transformer.in that they were told like that we can give it to you two services for each service having 10 hp capacity. For each one hp cost is 1550/- and they collected total amount of 26000/-.

I’m fine with that.

One more issue they bring it up they have given old service and that’s belongs to some one else and they told to me that for this service having 8900 due amount you can pay and convert it on your name.

If you want apply for new one it will take 2 yrs time till the time your sapota trees will not alive.

Here i don’t have any options they are straightly saying you will not get service asap minimum it will take 2 yrs.

What do i’ve to do, i paid that to release power to survive my sapota trees.

Mohan reddy.

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