Apeejay School — Dishonesty and high fee in COVID 19

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Covid 19 pandemic is going on. It is a huge problem socially and FINANCIALLY to each and every sector. APEEJAY SCHOOL FARIDABAD is continuously showing its cleverness.
It is a school who takes 12, 000 per month in XII class.
For few months they reduced fee but so CLEVER, in 3rd or 4th month, , took ADMISSION fees of about 11000.

So can u believe, fees fees fees

Now every month they are increasing 1000.They opened schools BTW not 50% parents agreed to that. They opened WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY…and now fees 1000 rise.

I am sure they will take all the money…

Most cleverness shown when they cleverly, took fees first then BOARD ENTRY would be given…

Now they have said that they are forced to open school with request of
50% parents, though not 50% but less
But they are not showing.
They said if no student parents reply, then they will consider a YES.
OMG just money money money!!!
How indirectly forcing our parents …

NO RESOURCES usage of electricity and water.

Kindly do something…
. Pls

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