Apeejay School, Noida — violation of a certain mandatory laws

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I want to inform you that i am one of the aggreviated parents of the students of apeejay school, noida. I want to draw your attention towards the violation of a certain mandatory laws by this school.

The school is running a stationary shop inside the school premises, which has recently been banned by the state government o[censored]p. Whenever anyone from cbse or from any other authority comes to check this in the school, the shops are temporarily closed, and when the authorities go, the school reopens it. The school forces all the students to buy notebooks that have “apeejay school” written on them. The school notebook is priced at rs.65 per notebook, vis-a-vis rs. 17 by m/s. Lotus notebooks, available locally in noida.

The school is running a uniform shop inside the school, from where parents aren’t allowed to leave the school before purchasing a uniform from the school.

The school charges the parents for providing ordinary facilities like dance, sports etc, which is provided for free in other schools of noida. It charges an amount of rs.10, 000+ per activity. It has also made it compulsory for students to at least opt for one activity.

The school recently increased its fees by almost 27% in one year. The school resists any attempts to get a breakup of the school fees. This is in contravention of para a, of the attached cbse circular.

On being queried, the school administration responds extremely arrogantly (In contravention of para c of the attached circular dated february 6, 2014). The also threaten to expel the student if the parents persist, thereby causing mental harassment to students of such tender age, while at the same time traumatizing the parents.

It is a direct loot by the school. Hence, i request you to look into the matter as soon as possible, and help in improving the condition of the nation’s schools for the children.

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