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I am kalpana kala mother of a ten years old boy named vaibhav kala. Due to covid crisis we met financial losses so we decided to move from kolkata to our native state uttarakhand .
My ten years old son used to study in class 5 A of apeejay school salt lake kolkata.

For session[protected] we have paid full tuition fees I.e (rs 28160.)on time .we were in great financial distress waiting for pandemic to pass. The school authority started harrsing us since may 2020. ceo mr kiranjeet sternly ordered school principal to ask students to pay full session fee despite covid pandemic .we found it unfair to ask for the fee other than the tuition fees, school office constantly used to call us and say “pay full session fee or else we will not send you the classroom link also your son will not be able to sit in exam ” .
Sir, we have paid what is lawful
we were helpless, we quitely request the school and explained our plight but all was in vain. The school authority never even responded to any of email send by us. although my son gave the exam under the stess. At last due to school harassment we decided that let the child leave the school, and he can continue his education in the school where we can afford to pay the fee
Now this CBSE affiliated school is holding the leaving certificate and also didn’t provide report cards for session[protected].
the school is forcing us to pay full session fee and development fee i. e rs 25000 more. Despite all the request, mails send by us school sternly rejected our request for providing leavingcertificate.
They pushed us and child into mental turn moil.
Sir, we are starting our lives in a new place .Me and my husband have limited resources we cannot easily arrange the ransom in disguise i.e rs 25000 that school is asking in turn of my child ‘s future . stress is a small word
For a child who is now seeing his friends pursuing their studies, who is feeling guilty for the struggle his parents are going through. He used to be a happy child but now he hardly speak. we as a parent don’t know what should we do? who is responsible for this emotional trauma our family is going through, is it covid 19 pandemic or businessmen like mr kiranjeet? please help us to get our son’s report card and leaving certificate. Sir no light is left for us the hope is getting dimmer and dimmer, show me and my family some path before it gets dark.
with lots of hope.
your Faithfully
Kalpana kala

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