[Resolved]  Apeejay School, Sheikh Sarai — School Management Problem

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Just wanted to make aware all of you, as we are having very positive notion about APPEEJAY SCHOOLS at Sheikh Sarai, New Delhi, perhaps that is not correct. As I have also had same notion when me and my family moved from USA to India and selected this schools among many more in New Delhi, but unfortunate part is this schools is more than worst as compared to other New Delhi public schools.
My kids are studying in primary classes and we do feel that every classes have lots of activity and competition happening that to groom the kids. That is good part of the school, but bad part is when kids are participating sincerely in the activities they been injustice. When we as parents enquire the same in PTA meeting teachers always give a very positive feedback about kids to parents, so that parents should not ask many questions to them for betterment and better improvement of kids. The worst part is teachers made own groups with few parents whosoever is old friends are some close to them, that reflects on the professional front. As a example when teachers comes as a judge in the classroom to evaluate kids participation and activates given by teachers, that point in time they only award to those kids who comes under that circle.

I wanted to take your attention here, this behavior of teachers is creating very bad things in kid’s mind. We as a parents and Educational institution as Apeejay Sheikh Sarai is not doing justice with innocent kids to looks bright future of kids in that school. Looking at these behaviors of teacher kids do not want to participate to schools activities and cultural program which is necessary for all kids while they are grooming up.

Hoping people would take this feedback as right direction and do some constructive work so that we can fulfill our innocent kids and help them for bright future.

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