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I wanted to apply for Canada visa and spoke to Apex Visa in 2018.
They told me to pay the initial deposit to start my process, and then they will start the process. I paid them around 1.5 lac INR and for some personal reason, I did not want to continue with my application. So I asked them to withdraw my application and return my money.
However, they insisted I sign their contract and send them because they have included a weird clause in the contract that no refund will be issued on voluntary withdrawal. My point is, I spoke to Manisha before Rohit and she told me that send us the contract and we will issue you the refund. Then Rohit denied the refund saying this is not our company policy. Neither they are telling me where my money was used in the process when actually no process was started.

I raised a complaint on the consumer app, and they came back with an explanation they provided me intellectual services which was a false claim. They asked me to provide them a copy of the degree results and then only they will be able to assist me further. However, I could not provide any results to which they never provided me the service.
The point being, they are looting people for their innocence and making money.
I was a student in the UK and had to face bad times because they are not returning the money.
Now I wish I could get help from you in getting my refund as well as compensation.
I cannot even imagine how many people they have conned already.
They have now even stopped responding to emails for 2 years almost.
Please help me I am in big trouble and need money.
Please let me know if you need more information.


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