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Please take this email as a complaint against the severe behavior problem of your doctor dr. Kasturi bhaumik (Consultant obstetrician & gynaecologist) regn no-50619. [protected]@apolloclinic.com.
I had an appointment with on september 12th, 2020 for my wife ‘ir* *ek’ at 11:00 am ist. Last time we (Me & my wife) visited her on june 1st, 2020 (Around 3 months back) for my wife’s health issues, that time she prescribed some medicines (Including thyroxine sodium tablets) and asked to visit after 3 months. So today when we visited, during the consultation i simply asked one question: ‘should the thyroxine medicine be continued?’. I don’t understand what was wrong in that question but i received below replies from her. (Below mentioned underlined are the statements from her)

1 if you are asking this it means you have common sense problem. Don’t you know what thyroid stands for?
2 tum apne andar se yeh taboo nikalo. Tum jante nahi thyroid kya hota hai? (She mentioned ‘tum’ instead of ‘aap’ and that too in a very harsh tone as if she is talking to her slave).

Now my question to apollo is ‘am i supposed to get a mbbs degree before taking an appointment with any of your doctors? How i am supposed to know details about thyroid and its medicines? Also am i not supposed to ask any question about the medicines your doctors are prescribing? Or should we follow everything blindly?

I am a valued customer of apollo and i took my whole family there for all medical issues from the last 5 years but this time i am hurt. It’s a strong behavioral issue. I never expected such a crude behavior from apollo. I deserve and can surely get well behaved professionals in any other hospital (S) of the same level. Please look into it and take appropriate actions else i will have to bring this issue to some higher authorities (Like consumer forum) where i can get justice.
Looking forward to your reply..

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