Apollo Cradle — dr. yoga nagender bad behaviour/comment on my mother’s age

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I just wanted to bring my concern to you regarding dr. Yoga nagender.

My name is keshav daheriya i was there in apollo cradle for my daughter’s delivery. My daughters (Twins) were born premature on 6th oct 2019 and were put immediately in nicu. On 14th oct., while one of them (Bhavya) was still in nicu and the other one (Bhavini) was transferred to private room, dr. Yoga nagender came to meet us in the room regarding treatment of my daughter bhavini who was still in nicu and then while talking to us he asked us about my mother who was also in the room.

He wanted to know about her relation with the baby, i said she is my mother then he laughed sarcastically and passed a comment which myself and my family did not take well. There were many people in that room and i and my mother were extremely embarrassed with that comment.
He said how come she is so old, continued that she is so old that she looks like my grand mother, not mother.

Having one baby in nicu treated by this doctor, another baby in private room, wife still not recovered, i somehow could not respond to his comment immediately but really felt bad.

However, that scenario and doctor’s comment and the way i saw my mother getting embarrassed with that fills my eyes with tears and gives me sleepless nights literally. Mother is the most important person in anyone’s life and seeing her getting insulted by someone is unbearably painful.

The thought that someone insulted my mother in front of me and many other people and i could not even respond is not allowing me to become normal.
He doesn’t have any right to say anything about my mother or her age. We were there for the treatment, not to get insulted. He might be a great doctor but i guess it doesn’t allow him to pass such comments on people.

I just want to bring it to everyone’s notice. I can’t force him to do this but think he should apologize to my mother.

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