Apollo Hospital — Apollo hospital Bangalore

Apollo Hospital Phone
+91 44 2829 3333
+91 44 2829 0200
Apollo Hospital Website
Apollo Hospital Address
No. 21, Greams Lane,Off. Greams Road, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India – 600006

This is for everyone before going to Ravindra Mehta Apollo hospital one of the worst hospital life threating I would like to mention few name dr hari prasad he is not fit for doctor he is pure business minded selfish guy this doctor doesn’t even know what to share front the patient he talk like MBBS MD professor he don’t even have much experience only thing they know is threating pull out money only lacks no thousands this is my second review this Apollo digital marketing removing my review they this very smart I have all prof bills micu pass the nurse not fit anything because of there missuse I lost my mother main thing I want talk about is every morning u wake up u see message u r outstanding is this much it’s only lacks my dad is 60 year old he is standing the account manger is around 32 year he sitting floding legs answering my father in account section the account manger telling us why did you bring to this Apollo doctor not fit for anything this Apollo advertising this doctor they don’t even have experience see any doctor of Apollo there are not marketed other company only Apollo will all digital marketing gimae put there doctors are best you find more best doctor MBBS MD professor in other hospital they only know pull money threnting kalyug is stared please don’t take u r loved once they won’t be back alive from this Apollo hospital every doctor in Apollo getting paid more than 15lack moths every doctor has minimum target 5croer they only to threating achieving the target every time u talk to doctor concealing u see this Apollo hospital doctor they won’t even look at u r eyes and talk .

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