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No. 21, Greams Lane,Off. Greams Road, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India – 600006

The Apollo Home care Delhi is one of the worst service provider. They gave us a hospital bed on rent which broke while the patient was lying on the bed on[protected] and there was a near miss event, otherwise there would have been a severe brain injury to the patient. They just dusted it with a small sorry and replaced with another bed same day. No compensation was provided for such a big fault.

I got the bed changed for a better one today[protected]. There is no coordination amongst the staff. The delivery persons disturbs early in the morning at 6 AM for delivery and in spite of all resistances, argues to change the bed then and there at 7 AM in the morning when the patient is sleeping. When yelling at him, he says he will fix the bed outside my house on the pavement and later we can drag it inside.

No compassion for patient care or regards. In return their Biomedical Engineer when complained about the event, states that ‘What is the problem if he came early’. Their in charge Dr Sanjeev was called by me to visit my office at Apollo Hospital ( I work as a Jr Consultant at Apollo Hospital, New Delhi) but he neither replied nor came to meet at the time said.

These people only care for their money. Highly greedy and selfish people with no courtesy of talking or dealing with patients. I cannot imagine what services they provide to common man. They are so rude and blunt with me being a doctor at the same facility. Time and again they have proved of their in-competencies and they care only for money. No quality products being given, no compensations only harassments.

I can be contacted on [protected]@gmail.com

Home Care
Home Care
Home Care
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