Apollo Hospital — Incorrect billing (Apollo Specialty Hospital, Vanagaram)

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My father was admitted to Apollo Speciality Hospital in Vanagaram, Chennai on 18th February 2021. He got discharged on 21st February 2021. He was admitted to the semi-private ward, as I got approval from insurance for the semi-private ward only. But, since they did not have any semi-private ward vacant at that time, so they accommodated him in the private ward itself, for the time being, saying that he will be shifted to the private ward, as soon as there is a vacant room in the semi-private ward. Also, they mentioned that till then they will apply the tariff for the semi-private ward only. The next day after the surgery, he was shifted to the ICU and was kept under observation for the day. The next day, they shifted him to the private ward, without even asking me anything. Initially, they told me that there was no room available. Hence, until any room is vacant for him, they will keep him in the ICU only. But after sometime, they allocated us with a room. It was the same room, where he was kept on the day of admission. So, I thought that due to room unavailability, again they have given us the private ward room. But, to my surprise, on the day of discharge, they have billed us for the private ward without even taking any consent from us. Moreover, they lied to me that I have asked for a private room, which is why they have given us the private room. These mannerless fellows have argued a lot with me. So, I didn’t have any option but paying for the incorrect bill. Invoice copy attached for your reference. Thank you!

Incorrect billing (Apollo Specialty Hospital, Vanagaram)

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