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I am Parita Patel and in 2018 I have applied for Australia for student visa and for the very first in chest X-ray reports say that I have white dot which indicates TB so I have done test of culture and smear report and reports were negative and then again in 2020 to extend my visa of Australia again I have done same test which was also negative (the picture about reports and billing is attached ) and this time immigration department told me to come between 6:30 am to 7:00 am same as previous time but when I reach at 6:40 am today she was told me she won’t accept and told me to come tomorrow but when I showed my previous billing time then she said ok will take and in that last test in 2018 and 2020 3 days test the nurse were with us until we have not got our sputum out but this time in 2021the nurse was not with me and just gave me bottle and then rejected saying it’s just saliva and told me to prescribe doctor and then only test will done.
So my question is that why only this time just because I have confronted her with the timing and she wants to harass me for no reason and last two reports were lie and if last reports were true and why only this time I have to face problem like this.
She has harassed me mentally by stating that I will get positive report so now I have doubt about your technology as last two time I was negative.
They just don’t want to work hard and want to harass customers mentally and was very unprofessional of her.
Got really bad experience and if this is not resolved I will take this complaint to immigration department about changing the hospital.

Microbiology lab
Microbiology lab
Microbiology lab
Microbiology lab
Microbiology lab
Microbiology lab
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