Apollo Hospital — Pathetic Management and Service Issue in Apollo Hospital Navi Mumbai

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+91 44 2829 3333
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No. 21, Greams Lane,Off. Greams Road, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India – 600006

Hi Whomsoever,
I am writing this email in-regards to the inconvenience caused to me and the patient in Apollo Hospital. I appreciate that the doctor panel is REALLY GOOD in Apollo Hospital, Navi Mumbai but your management and support staff is a joke and is deformed. It takes 4 days to change a steamer for a patient even after complaining several time. Also contacting any department is so difficult there is no proper matrix provided anywhere. Once you get in touch with any department they reply that they are busy working so can’t revert right away and if that is true then why the damn he is even answering the phone. Person managing the show is piece of ### may be cause nobody is available in Apollo for anything and if you ask then they will just revert back saying they have some other work related to hospital and they cannot answer you query. So if they can’t answer the query why are the even present in CUSTOMER service department. TPA dept replies to query almost after 24 hrs utter nuisance. Also even after dropping them several email’s to mark me in cc, they just ignore and never keeps patient’s family in loop. Don’t you think it should be a protocol to mark a cc on communication email with TPA. It is just tip of an ice-berg but if you really want to know what is wrong with the management and service then please try communicating your staff being a patient relative you will realise, how pathetic and terrible service quality is being provided.

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