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1. Total opaque process & billing – Hospital does not discuss costs upfront if the patient is insurance patient. This is important since hidden costs are disclosed later and
patient is forced to pay out of pocket for those expenses being excluded from insurance T&C. Eg, . i had to pay for Covid HDU charges as operations costs being excluded from insurance.
Inspite of having a higher room rent limit, i am forced to pay these out of the pocket. To me, adding the operations cost in the bill is absurd. The charges ideally had to
be part of the room rent just like all other common costs. In addition, i did not find any justification of these costs based on the hospital experience. If these costs were
put for PPE kits and Covid related maintenance, then i am sorry i did not see any of your nurses or staffs using them. So why should i pay for items which are just arbitrary
and blanket in nature. This is totally unjust. Over the top TPA has an agreed tariff with the hospital for room rent of rs 8000. In such a case, finding arbitrary cost heads like these
is a circumventing practice and cater to making business instead of providing hospital service.

2. Room Rent Billing – As per the bill, my father was put into a 3 days CCU after 2 days of ICU. The cost of CCU is almost same as ICU. I am not sure if that was a CCU.
It was a private room which was no different than the private rooms my father was put in the past for his hospitalizations. There were no special instruments for monitoring.
Whatever instruments that were used have been already billed separately in the bill. In fact the room was not up to the mark as compared to rooms in earlier hospitalizations.
Also you could see there is not much difference between the rates of ICU and the CCU as per the bill. Thats the reason it puts me in doubt if there is a billing error in
terms of room for the last 3 days of my father’s hospitalization. It was just a private room that should have been charged. Also i am surprised that TPA did not question
this too. Though it is paid in the insurance but it still impacts my Sum Assured and also cost to the insurance company. Whats the point of paying for services that one does
not receive?

There has been no response from the hospital inspite of contacting over phone, email and twitter many times. There is no response from your grievance department too.

I do agree the quality of doctors and the staff is excellent and services are customer friendly. But having such opaque billing practices and inflation of bills does not paint
a good picture to the customer and dent your reputation as a quality service provider. I hope you will act.

Total opaque process
Total opaque process
Total opaque process
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