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I made health insurance from apollo munich from 2013 to 2015 then it is portable to religare insurance from 2015 to 2018 again it is portable to apollo munich from 2019 to 2020 vide policy no.150200/11121/aa00980903. As per your commitment whatever the facilities avail by the previous insurance company the same will be provide by your company. When i port to apollo in 2019-20 there was no sign/symptoms of any disease of my family. So here there is no question of hiding /suppression of any facts arises pertaining to disclose of the any kind of health problem.

Whatever the documents provide by treating doctor in that wrong date is mentioned after that it is corrected by doctor authorization letter and the same (It is purely fault by the doctor not from my end) is submitted in your organization for the cashless request. So, why should i suffer? It is not my fault.

But, based on the treating doctor wrong report in spite of given the correct report by the treating doctor your organization put four years exclusion for perianal fistula and also discard my policy vide policy no.150200/11121/aa00980903.

So, it is my humble request for wave off the four years exclusion for perianal fistula and also not cancel my policy vides no. 150200/11121/aa00980903.

Sir if you not wave off my four years exclusion for perianal fistula and also continue my policy vide no. 150200/11121/aa00980903. Then i will go to higher authority grievance department as well as consumer court.

Awaiting for your kind response and reply.

Thanks & regards

Paresh kumar mohanty



Policy no: 150200/11121/aa00980903

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