Apollo Pharmacy — Acceptance of Credit card and staff misbehavior

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Now I am at Kallidaikurichi with my old parents of 92 and 89yrs.of age. I am trying to use your pharmacy in Kallidaikurichi as I do it in Chennai.1. Basically they do not quote a correct price of medical item less the eligible discount.2. They give wrong delivery of items and do not bother. 3. THEY SHOW HIGHHANDEDNESS IN THEIR REPLIES. 4. Cr. card acceptance problem prevail and later no checking and follow up for more than a week or even 10days.5.Yesterday 29.5.2021 after buying for Rs.1058.01 my SBI Cr. card was taken and in your machine it was denied and whereas it was debited in my card account with a message in my mobile. They were unable to resolve the issue. When I asked the in-charge Ms. Indhumathi about previous issues on cr card transaction denial with me, she simply was repeatedly telling me ‘ No reply’. I last my shirt and said ‘Are you mad…you are simply repeating an irrelevant answer. She immediately started getting into the shield of calling her as’mad’. The next staff started taking video in his mobile as if I had come to disturb the business with ravudi element in me. I could have simply called the police on this. Just because of the long relationship with Apollo pharmacy, I did not do that. Now my understanding is more than being customer friendly Pharmacists the staff in your Kallidaikurichi branch behave like thugs. Please do take necessary action before some unpleasant incident could take place. From my side, if any amount not collected in my last transaction may please be collected contacting me.Thanks.

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