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No.96, Rabiammal Ahamed Maidden Building, 2nd Floor, Greams Road, Thousand Lights, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India – 600006

Sir / madam
The Apollo pharmacy in wanaparthy near Rajiv chowk in u r pharmacy I want to take emergency medicine to patient at mid night 1:15pm medicine name is (cilacar 10) they r not provding a cut slips to emergency coustmers who don’t have a sufficient amount in mid night and they r saying we won’t provide cut slips tablets go and bring money.and take and saying go and say to anyone u want to say he is saying every day 100 peoples r dying what we have to do our rule is to give the full slip
I went to take 10 tablets that I have only 100 rupess to buy and the slip rate is 98rs for 10 tablets and I have only 100rs at that time I went and ask to give this tablet for emergency he is. Not given a medicine. That he is saying we have 15 tablet’s take full and pay amount of rupees 149 for 15 tablet’s And he switched off lights and he went back to sleep they r two guys have done same thing and I went back to Home for extra money to buy a tablet
What I want say is we have good hope in u r appollo pharmacy atleast
I[censored] r not giving 10 tablets out of 15 what is the use that u have 24/7 for emergency
U have to see situation not a money.
What kind of rules. Take action about this employes atleast change the rules this is my humble request to Apollo team.

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