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I am Rahul, a resident of Bangalore, 560057. Today i.e 15/05/21, I visited one of the Apollo Pharmacy stores near me and it was Hesaraghatta Store. I asked for two N95 masks and they gave me 1 pack which contained two masks that are been manufactured by Armex Pro Pvt Ltd. On the pack of the mask, the manufacturer has mentioned that Net Quantity 1, MRP 49, Batch No. IN95L130820, Mfg Date – Jan/2021 and Exp Date – July 2023. The storekeeper asked me to pay 98 for the one pack which contained two masks and so I paid for it because earlier I bought the same mask in one pack from the same store and it was been Armex Pro Pvt Ltd. After billing, I asked about the storekeeper about the packaging and he told me that the Armex Pro Pvt Ltd manufactures are labeling 2 maks in a single pack. So I thought due to pandemic, they are saving for the labeling cost. After that, I came home and I opened the pack and I was surprised to see that the pack contained two masks but it was not been manufactured by Armex Pro Pvt Ltd. On the mask, it was mentioned the mask was been manufactured by Durasafe with a fake ISI mark and number and how could one company manufactures packaging and another company manufactures masks?

I have also mentioned that I have bought the mask which is been manufactured by the same company and in that mask, it was clearly mentioned it was N95 mask in a bold letter and the quality was premium but the quality of the maks which was been manufactured Durasafe is totally waste.

After all this, I went up to the store and when I asked the storekeeper about this issue, he told me to check with the manufacturer and the Apollo Pharmacy head office because they are the ones who are supplying to them. I have all the pictures, videos, and bills for the purchase.

I want to know whether Apollo Pharmacy is making N95 SCAM with Armex Pro Pvt Ltd? OR Armex Pro Pvt Ltd manufacturers are doing the scam by corrupting the quality check employees of Apollo Pharmacy? OR Apollo Pharmacy storekeepers are doing this SCAM?

I need a detailed investigation on this which should be conducted by Apollo Pharmacy OR I will be failing a petition in the Consumer Court of India and Karnataka High Court.

Being a Legal Assistant, I know all the laws which consumers can talk against the manufacturers our suppliers who involved in this SCAM.

So please do call me [protected] for further investigation or please be ready to face all legal consequences.

N95 SCAM by Apollo Pharmacy
N95 SCAM by Apollo Pharmacy
N95 SCAM by Apollo Pharmacy
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