Apollo Pharmacy — Novopen non-functional. Arrogant Store incharge.

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+91 40 6060 2424
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No.96, Rabiammal Ahamed Maidden Building, 2nd Floor, Greams Road, Thousand Lights, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India – 600006

Purchased one Novopen, One Novomix 30 penfil and novofine needles on 25th April 2021 at Apollo pharmacy outlet, 4th lane 13th crossroad, Brodiepet, Guntur, vide bill no: ( Bill Attached). Penfil was inserted in to the pen by store keeper It worked fine for the first injection of 10 units and later stopped working. When taken back to the store, one Mr. Basha has re- fixed the pen and assured working, but in vain. Next day, when approached the store, one lady store keeper, who seems to be clueless, asked to leave the pen with the store to be checked by a professional. I purchased another pen and penfil and left the first set at store. I was visiting store almost everyday from then for other purchases and also when enquired about defected pen, irresponsible answers were heard from the store lady such as, “Pen was misplaced”, “Mr. Nagaraju has not looked in to the matter”, “Let Basha deal with this”, ” We sold it and not resposible for any queries” etc. When I asked for the incharge name stating that I would escalate the issue to higher officials, store incharge shouted at me using abusive language. I left the pen with the store and walked away. Never expected this from a pharmacy chain like Apollo. Wish this would resolve soon.

Novopen non-functional. Arrogant Store incharge.
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