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I have purchased medicines from your Kalkaji, New Delhi-19 stores, yesterday, on 24/04/2021, vide invoice no. CS0695691 for 362.95/-

My requirement was for Ivermectin 12 mg. 5 tablet, but they have supplied mectin 12 – 10 tablets, which is 95/- per 10 tablet.

But in the billing they have mentioned as VERMACT 12 mg – 3 tablets @ Rs.37.25 each… i was surprised to see such manipulation on medicines, as the actual requirement was different, supplied different tablet and billing done for different medicine and qty. How can we expect such illegal practices from Apolo Pharmacy, as this is very serious issue. I strongly believe that Apolo is promoting duplicate medicines in the market, and covering the same, by manipulating it, in billing.

I have raised the issue and the billing staff has taken back the invoice and immediately cancelled it.

When we demanded for the bill, again, they have raised another bill of same Invoice Number, but the same manipulation of 3 nos VERMACT12 mg.-, but supplied us Mectin 12 – 10 nos., against Dolo 650 mg – issued the invoice for Crocin 650 mg and against Doxy 1, they have supplied us DoxyJack – 10 nos. but raised the bill for 25 nos. AP cough drops.

Your Organisation has made a mockery of GST Invoices, and playing with the system.

– you are billing for any item and any qty.
– you are billing for wrong item and wrong price
– you are creating risk of our Mediclaim get rejected.

We are going to raise this issue to the consumer forum and Finance ministry, for disrespecting the system guidelines.

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