Apollo Pharmacy — Teasing women / passing comments while taking tablets

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My wife went to take some tablets for constipation / pain tablets for me and she was been passed comments saying why to take / buy these tablets rather not eat chicken or no veg. Its a medical Pharmacy and people can buy anything, its responsibility of the executive to help customer. Just not passing indirect comment on married women and laughing on them. This happened in Ramnagar branch opposite deihi sweet house or balaji sweet house on saturday June 12th between 130 and 230 PM. I am sure if they are passing comments on married women they will pass same for unmarried or young girls. My wife really felt very bad and uncomfortable. Since i am unhealthy i am not able to move out of my house. We have trust and expect professionalism from your employees. Please take this matter seriously and need to take action else next time will not complaint to customer complaints and will be forced to given a written complaint to police and also take things personally and as required take action on your employees directly. Its not my wife its every women / girl for whom respect should be given and no one should pass any comments its a medical shop and people come to buy things only.

Thanks for your support and help in advance.

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