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Dear sir /Madam.
I have bought a Baleno car on this year February and it has a Appolo tyres fitted. I was really happy with overall car and especially with the tyres what I have got because its from Appolo so I’m pretty sure about the quality of the product. During this locked down May i was not driven the car some days due to locked down restrictions but one day I suppose to take out my car from my car porch i noticed one of the tyre air was very low first I thought its normal because I didn’t driven my car for some days so I fill the air and went outside for some work and came back and parked on porch, next day again I want to go out but I found the same problem so I took my car into one of the reputed tyres workshop near my home. After inspection they said there is tiny hole on the tyre, so I asked them to repair it, but they said we can’t do the patch work since it’s on the side of the type and also it is a manufacture diffect and also we didn’t find any kind of external materials to be found to damage the tyre. Since my car has a full warranty and its brand new car so I decided to visit Maruti dealer from where I have bought this car and I explained them about my concern and I requested them to replace my tyre from the warranty what I have. But it was really bad experience for me after the inspection done by the Appolo tyres engineer said I’m not eligible to claim the warranty since it’s a “Side wall through Cut”. This is really not acceptable we believe a brand for their quality of product and the quality of services. I have a faith on Appolo company that is the reason I’m writing this to you. I hope you can understand my concern and you will give me solution for this. Along with this mail I’m attaching the details which you can refer and take appropriate action.
Thanks in advance.

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