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It was a very bad experience with Apollo Tyres where I am not able claim on Brand New tyre Which is only 45 days old and ran only 450+ kilometers.
– I bought CRETA 2021 car 45 days back, unfortunately 2days back I was travelling on a muddy road with my CRETA and on my way I have to cross many potholes which is expected on the mud road, while crossing one of the potholes suddenly I heard a tyre burst sound which was very scarily. After checking we realized one of the front tyre got busted on small pothole which is really not acceptable from one of the branded company tyres like Apollo.As there is a small cut happened on the left top button side ( not on the tyre sidewall ).

After this incident I have contacted Apollo customer care and logged a case for tyre claim, but the response from the Apollo is very pathetic, no body asked about the situation all they did is sending technical tyre inspection report and rejecting my claim.

Here is my questions to Apollo :
1. Is Apollo tyres are that sensitive to the potholes? Can’t it bear the load on the muddy ways ?
2. Why it was mentioned that the cut is on the sidewall? that actual cut is happened on the top above the side wall ?
3. Can’t we take our car on the bad road just because we are using Apollo tyres ?

I’m writing this mail to you expecting some sort of satisfactory solution on this problem, below is the case numbers logged on this issue for your reference.
Initial complaint number with Apollo : TC[protected]
Escalated complaint number with Apollo: TC[protected]

No satisfactory solution from apollo tyres
No satisfactory solution from apollo tyres
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