Appco Group India — fraud company and look how it works

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+91 22 4244 9900
+91 22 4244 9921
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Euro House, 2nd Floor, Chincholi Bunder Road, Malad (West), Mumbai, Maharashtra, India – 400064

Look everyone its a geniune fraud company and how they exit law is in this way i am giving details below:-
Firstly i have worked for pioneer few years ago so i know everything.

They give morning evening meetings for mindwash of individuals for motivation but its actually a # crab the persons in their trap cant understand this my loved one is under their trap i will get her out but importantly i need everyones help so that no one fall under there trap and they should winup soon

Appco employee: hello we are a management trainee from sight savers/ helpage/cry/ any # ngo we collecting donations for blind peoples (Will show booklets etc. Etc.)
Common man (At home): ok so why are you here.
Appco employee:- we are collecting donations and we students have got a target of 500 donations out of which 496 is done and only 4 is remaining will refer someone from same building as if donated calling as sheep factor.
Common man:- ok
Appco employee: we accept cheques and online payments only.
Common man: paid 6000

Now here is the catch that employee earned 1650 as comission and that employess senior earned aprrox.900 as comission and that sdu owner earned 500 and appco takes 1150 as fund raising charge to that ngo so only 3000 of that common man is usable for ngo.

So entire scam is not limited to employees its a huge devil bussiness so next time don’t donate anything to ngo connected with appco.

Meanwhile i am trying to circulate my videos on same on youtube check for appco fraud and lyric fraud on youtube will see my video under this names sooner. And do help by circulating i will surely close this company by 31 december 2018

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