Appco Group India — I am complaining about sbu strobe sector 37c chandigarh

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Euro House, 2nd Floor, Chincholi Bunder Road, Malad (West), Mumbai, Maharashtra, India – 400064

Beware… Appco group is a big fraud.. Strobe in chandigarh, sco 217, top floor, sector 37c.. Is a branch over there.. Mr. Nikhil kumar is the head over there.. Guys don’t go for the interview if you get a call… They will tell you that they wll give you salary between 20000 to 40000. But it is totally based on commission.. They will send you to field to collect some donation on behalf of cry or helpage india which are ngos if you can collect a cheque of rs.1200 from a person which is the minimum amount you can collect u will get rs.205, means rs.205 per support… Ths is the commision you will get.. They will send you with some leaders who are already into this business.. They will motivate you by telling a lot of positive things.. If you ask about the salary they will never explain it to you.. They will tell that manager will be explaining to you.. If you get a call from this company please don’t go for the interview.. You will spoil your career over there.. And moreover the experience doesn’t get counted anywhere. There is no fixed salary and salary comes weekly only and will get only when you are professionally begging and getting donations and you have to bear your travelling expenses by yourself… Mr. Nikhil kumar impresses the guys specially all the girls by his looks and speeches.. He keeps fake relations with the girls to retain them into the business… And won’t let you to get along with your fellowmates.. They say that you can take off anytime but won’t let you take off.. If you are not well even they will say you to work till 6 and can leave only when you hit their goals.. They will say if you love travelling it is the best place to work with trust me it is nowhere close to travelling and fun. They will send you to a random city and make you stay in the worst hotel where all the expenses are bear by yourself. It is mental torture and manipulation of your mind. Worst culture i have ever seen in any company.. Field executives are making people fool by saying that they are the representatives of cry and helpage india organisation.. Infact they are the employees of appco group (Strobe) and get commision for raising funds.. Out of rs.1200, they get rs.205, manager get rs.100 and higher managers also get some percentage of that money.. These people professional beggers.. Employees dont get any fixed salary from all over india appco group having around 100 cities like chandigarh, delhi, mumbai, kolkata, nagpur, pune, hyderabad, bangalore, ahmedabad and chennai.. Its time to uncover these big frauds.

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