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Shamefull things happning in apple hospital hiring

Would like to bring this issue in your notice, so you everone should know what exactly happining in this apple hospital couple of months back as they are hiring brothals to pull customers for business.

My husband had visited this hospital for some reason and there is a nurse name khatija unnisa, she asked my husband his phone number for hospital purpose, i believe everyone know thia nurse in global hospital as she keeps going there. I had found out some intense and seductive sexual messeges and her photos with dirty pictures which she had send him was found in my husband phone which i have proof between my husband and that khatija unnisa, she was messeging my husband since 3 months, i had asked khatija unnisa why she do this as she was married since 10 years with 2 daughters she said she got carried away as her husband was alcoholic and use to beat her and not giving her love thats why she was getting carried away by other men and was behind my husband and was asking him to divorce me and marry her. This is totally psyco issue.

I know even it was my husbands mistake as he was tolerating her messeges but that nurse should have known her boundaries and limit as there would be many patients comming and going she has to be totally proffessional. She also gave chance so all this happend.

Due to which my married life is very disturbed and effected till now, as those messeges are not going out of my mind and killing me everyday.

My reason to bring this issue in notice is as apple international is a big hospital and they should guide there nurses in a way so they be proffessional with the patients and not cross boundary

It has happned with me and can be with any one else to avoid all this i am writing this so please my brothers and sisters reading this be careful as relationship is very important in life it can be easily broken if such things are not brought up in notice immediately.

So please be careful of such situation, as i am standing as example for all.

I am already damaged due to the reason behind is the nurse khatija unnisa working in apple hospital, which is bad image for a such a good hospital.

May allah bless all

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