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I am a user of iPhone 11 64 GB White which was bought from Vijay Sales (Dombival, Maharashtra). As it is mentioned on website the iPhone is water resistant up to 2 metres till 30 minutes also you have mentioned that Apple do not allow/recommend it for bathing or swimming purpose. So i was swimming in a pool of maximum height of 1.6 metres and i just used it for taking pictures(on above water surface and) by mistake it felt but i removed it and immediately cleaned it and there was’nt any issue.
next day i saw the Face ID was not working and i saw slowly slowly some water particles or moisture has started appearing in iPhone’s front camera.
So i was out of town in hurry next day only i returned my home and tried to dry it with keeping in rice and silica gel but nothing happened so after 4-5 days of trying these methods finally went to Apple Authorized Service Center which is Unicorn India (Kalyan, Maharashtra) branch and in a rude manner or with attitude they told me to buy a new replacement of worth 40000 INR or trade in it for 18000 INR as there was an water damage and i don’t have Apple Care or Apple Care Plus but it was under free warranty period, so i requested them to help me but they told we can’t do anything so i contacted to Apple Customer Care and narrated them the whole thing so they told me we can’t help with it as its our policy that we can’t replace any iPhone under free warranty and i complained 3-4 times in Apple Support but everybody told me this and also one person from Apple Support who gave me guarantee that he would gave me a replacement next day if i visited the store and submitted the report to him. The next morning i went there and took the report which stated that the LCI (Liquid Contact Indicator) has been triggered. The person who spoke to me called me and told this thing and said we can’t do anything and when i requested and argued that it was’nt my fault as i used under the limitations of the iPhone as i used it for hardly 15-20 minutes and maybe there was an issue in iPhone so he talked rudely and disconnected the call. I am a student of Class 10 and i own this iPhone but i had a trust on Apple that it had assured its limits and if anything happens they would help me in this situation and my parents did’nt visited there as they blamed me for what had happened and i was tensed for this iPhone and all the money was of my savings which was 48000/- INR including cashback and discount from the store (Vijay Sales). So i decided to use it like this only and lost trust from Apple and was also upset for injustice and now its more problematic/complicated to use it like this as i can’t use the front camera, the ringer button is not working,
the iPhone’s performance is down and the Lightning Port is not working properly. As i am student i have missed my 4-5 days of online classes behind this thing and now the also the phone is rebooting on its own and also get stuck on Apple logo while rebooting process so now finally i can’t use it. the only thing is i want my iPhone replaced as i want justice as this is very wrong behaviour and policies of Apple. I respect Apple and as being educated i am not cussing or spreading wrong news about it but i want justice.

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