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On July 8 I took appointment for replacement of my right AirPod pro due to cracking sound my appointment was of 11:20 and they took me at 12:40. I literally had to wait 1 hr and 20 min after which yesterday I got the right AirPod pro replaced and at the store it was not working and they told me to charge it for some time I charged it for 2 hrs but then too it was not working at all I contacted Apple support they told me various steps to do I did the same but also no result and finally they told me to take it back to the service center which I took it today morning they took 1hr 30 min to finally get to know that the right replaced AirPod pro is not working and only the left one is working so they took it again for replacement and now they told that it will take 2-3 days
And I asked that what gaurantee do you give that this problem will not occur again after second replacement they told me that they can’t give me a gurantee
What if the second replaced AirPod also doesn’t work I will have to go again and again to the store ? it literally takes me 1/2 an hour to reach the store
It’s like i can’t trust Apple any more

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