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With lots of joy and hope, It was 12th of February, 2021, that I have bought my AirPods 2 from Vijay Sales Indirapuram, ghaziabad.
They worked fine till 10th March and suddenly the left AirPods stopped working the very next. Day I initially thought it to be a synch issue. But then I decided to take them to service centre.
Keeping in mind the COVID 19 guidelines, I have reached the service centre (Tresor Garden Galleria service centre in Noida) and they have created a Job sheet for my AirPods and collected it from me to send them to Bangalore for Diagnostics and told me that we will call you for the AirPods collection.

I got a call from them on 16th March, and when I have gone to receive them, Apple told me that we cannot repair your AirPods due to “UNAUTHORIZED MODIFICATIONS”. I was shocked with their evaluation and asked them to provide me proof of what has been tampered. Service centre Employees denied to give me any further information and asked to call customer care.
I have called customer care and their escalation manager “Chitty”, addressed the escalation promising that he will come up with some resolution on this. However, he called back and said, Apple service has a diagnostics machine which evaluated the AirPods as “Tampered”. I asked him to provide me artefact for the same, then he softly denied and said that due to internal security reasons we cannot give you much information about it and you have visit the service centre again and ask them for the artefacts.
I have never expected APPLE will put false allegations on their customers. ITS SERIOUSLY SHOCKING!!!
I have never imagined that such a Big organisation would have such a weak and incompetent service centre. I can assure that there is not even a single scratch on my AirPods and can go beyond all means to prove and I haven’t done anything to the AirPods. By their report sheet, it seems that Apple is incompetent to repair their own products.

I request you all to please share this post, so that my voice can be reached to the concerned people and they repair my AirPods . Trust me it is less about the money spent and the loss and more about the time I have wasted, service I have experienced, and the brand that I have chosen to be with.

I would request everyone who sees this post to help in getting the issue addressed. I am attaching the Job sheet provided by Apple in this post. Apple, Vijay Sales #worstservice #appleservicecenter #appleairpods #apple #timcook #tresor

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