Apple India — Did not diagnose my problem then quoted extremely HIGH repair cost

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Apple India maple store took my laptop and came up with a diagnosis of battery and screen not working properly. The battery and screen needed to be replaced and they quoted an estimate of 68 thousand Indian rupees which was very high. I paid it because it was still lesser than the price of a brand new Mac laptop. When I received the repaired laptop, it was still not working properly and switching on and off continuously which was the initial issue. I called the technician from the store up and told them that it’s still not working. They took the laptop back and came back to me with another diagnosis of motherboard issue. They asked me to pay another 35 thousand rupees. If I add 68 thousand rupees and 35 thousand rupees that is the price of a new Mac laptop. I was furious because not only was my 68 thousand rupees gone to waste but the technician should have diagnosed the problem correctly in the first go! Do your job right! I refused to pay more and asked them to get it corrected somehow since it was their fault. They sent me numbers of Apple UK customer support and Apple Singapore customer support. Both executives from these branches told me they couldn’t do anything about it and it was up to the same Apple India store to help me. I was put on hold for 2 hours for these calls. I called Apple India store back and told them that they should take accountability. Rather than taking accountability, they sent my laptop back without being repaired despite paying 68 thousand rupees. This all happened in a matter of 3 months during which I had to borrow someone else’s laptop to work from home. 68 thousand rupees is no small amount of money and I feel extremely angry and cheated at the way they handled the case. At the very least they should’ve diagnosed the problem correctly in the first go citing a mother, battery and screen issue and given the correct price for repair.

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