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This is regarding the issue if display flickering in my iPhone 11.
Yesterday, my phone display is little bit sticky so I washed it with glass of water as it is water resistant and after that display started flickering.
I have also hard reset the phone, but there is no change. So, I decided to visit the Apple Care.
I showed the device to the executive and he checked the device, there is no sign of water damage, even indicator inside the SIM tray is also white that shows it is not affected by water.
But as I already told them the truth that I washed it with a glass of water, he said I need to check it and he went inside for 20-30 Minutes and the one guy from inside called me and said it is water damage and we can’t cover it in warranty.
Also the executive told me that “Water Resistant is just for NAME”, he is blaming apple in this scenario that they have claimed the device water resistant but there is no use of it.
Initially they were ready to do in the warranty but as I told the that I have washed it from a glass of water, they have the reason to decline it.
So as it is water resistant and even the indicator is white, I don’t know why apple takes money for their device.
I am using the apple iPhones from last 5 or more than 5 years. But, now the service centers are pathetic. They don’t even care about the customer. There is no one when I visited service center just the staff, their internet is not working for about an hour. So, I just waited there for no reason.
Even the executive is not behaving well, he doesn’t care about anything, he blamed apple for saying that their device is “Water Resistant”.
Conclusion, I need my device repaired in warranty, I have submitted the device to the same service center, if you repair it in warranty then it is fine otherwise place that garbage in Museum and don’t mention anywhere that is Water Resistant because if your own employee can’t believe on it, then why you are playing with people.
Apple devices are expensive, we bought them because we believe on the service, but nowadays Apple is also doing the same thing, they just sell the device and after that you are responsible for everything. Also, tell you staff to behave properly and keep in mind what you company claims.

I don’t want my device if you won’t cover this in Warranty.

Name -Tarun Sharma
Model – iPhone 11 – Purple
IMEI – [protected]
Serial Number – GV4DT09GN739
Service Center – Unicorn Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd.
Service Center Address – DLF Cyber Hub Gurgaon, India
Executive Name – Bharat Singh.

Please let me know if you need any information and feel free to discuss about the problem.

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