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My iphone 5s has been damaged and the agent took my all the accessories and bill n box original by saying that they need it for verification process and till now. I haven’t received my money or phone. I am highly disappointed and should not be helped till date. No support from the calling end. They always tell to message on the chat support and i don’t know what kind of poor service they provide. They are the real thief’s who stole our money in the form of insurance first by saying that it’s a government company and then they even don’t bother to reply to the customer. Such a poor people who begs like this and feel free by having our hard-earned money. This has took a long damage to my life as well as there were several important documents saved in the device and very important images. I am still having all the documents and process related papers that they have used to cheat me. I have the claim form and the claim number. Policy number everything with me. I want it to get this resolved as soon as possible and will otherwise take some necessary action. I request consumer forum to have a look at it.

iphone 5s
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