Apra Auto — Poor Servicing lead to damage of car parts

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Gurgaon Jaipur High Way, Bawal, Haryana, India

I went to apra auto to get my Zen car serviced. The moment they saw that my car is touching 100000 they started telling that ur car will be having lot of faults. My car has never met any kind of accident & it is a single handed car & was working perfectly fine. Before the delivery they checked my car & no noises were there. After the normal servicing i was charged approximately 5000 Rs for normal servicing & then when i drove the car i realized that suddenly my car has started creating noises & there was play in steering. I went back to agency & told them regarding the problem, rather then helping me they simply said they have not done anything with steering & will check it when i will pay more & when i objected that before giving the care apra auots have checked condition of my car then the employees of apra auto misbehaved with me.I am manager in multinational company & if they can behave like this to an educated people like me then god forbid what they will be doing with other people.
This complaint is not just for Apra auto but also for maruti udyog limited who has appointed such a fraud agency to do the servicing. I was thinking o[censored]pgrading my car to Maruti SX4 but i will prefer to buy honda who has got better after sales services then maruti car.
It was a mental & financial harrasement for me & above all i am giving money & they are misbehaving with me.

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