Aptech Computer Education — Derogatory and manipulation faced by Aptech Computer Education

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To whom it may concern

I have tried to raise my issue related to study multiple times but due to the absolute inefficient coordination of my Aptech branch (Aptech North Nazimabad, Karachi Pakistan, 74700) my complaint has been portrayed negatively with so much manipulation by the people working on different level of the center

I am faced derogatory remarks in person from my coordinator.who now seems to have personal grudges against me .It is hard for me to quote the incidents I have been through because of their management. i have faced humiliation ad bullying for raising voice for my rights.
as a student it’s been so long since I’ve raised my complaint and the situation has now so messed up that now. I find really hard to explain my matter using email.
I request you to kindly scheduled a call for me with the person who is in power to understand and resolve my query.
I will be looking forward to your email and I hope your decision will be in the best of my interest.

Kind Regards:
Muhammad Talha Arif

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