Arasan Eye Hospital — product given/ service provided to me defeated the purpose for which it was ordered

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Because of exigency, a speck worth rs. 20000/- was ordered as a replacement of my existing damaged speck. However, the speck offered solution to distant vision only where as my existing speck was having progressive lenses. During the order it was not at all explained to me that while having the distant vision, i won’t be able to use it while reading. I can read without speck but with earlier one i didn’t have to remove the all the time. Presently i am not even able to use my mobile wearing this new speck even after spending rs 20000/- my money got completely wasted, if it is not addressed. I was given the expression in the beginning that lower portion of the speck shall be used for reading as for near vision power is not required.
It was all happened because of not being given proper explanation to me while placing the order and therefore, it is requested to please look into the matter and understand my concern as my entire hard earned money got wasted.

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