Faber — explosion of glass top hob (stove)- faber make

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The faber make glass top model gas stove (Hob) installed in my home found burst/exploded all of sudden within 8 months of purchased. There was no specific reason for such an explosion, except the manufacturing defect, as the unit was lying idle and there was no objects on top to fall down. And fortunately no one got hurt and injured.

When i have contacted the faber customer service, they have advised that glass top is not coming under warranty and they are not responsible for such explosions; for replacement of the glass the charges are approx. Rs 2500/-; whereas the cost of the unit – gas hob is approx rs 5000/-.

Since it was a self explosion, i fear even-if i get the glass replaced by faber service paying such an exorbitant price, it may explode again and cause injuries to human beings.

I feel that faber india to make sure that their products are reliable and accident free and they have the moral responsibility to replace the stove, i believe to get justice over the issue.

explosion of glass top hob (stove)- faber make
explosion of glass top hob (stove)- faber make
explosion of glass top hob (stove)- faber make

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