Fashion Mall Surat — full sleeve “t” shirt

+91 261 233 7330
4015, New Sardar Textile Market, Surat, Gujarat, India – 395010

Please refer SO[protected]. I received the package but it is oversized. As far as colour and other things are concerned, they are o.k. Please guide me to return the same.I desire to have size XL.It is not too old It appears that it has been delivered on 14 or 15 th Feb.2020 I did not have any complaint about quality or colour etc. The ordered "T" shirt is oversized considering my shape. Therefore, as far as my shape/figure is concerned, it is oversized. Therefore, if you appreciate my complaint, please send me the same type, category, colour of "T" shirt only size is XL. Please do correct the same.

Thanks for your advise.

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