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I purchased a privacy screen protector from peep protecter, they charged my card for it and after i received my package (After months and it was already scratched) my account was charged $14.95 for what? I have no idea. I want a refund and i can’t get in touch with anyone with the only number i was able to find. I am extremely upset about this. Especially the way the economy is at the moment. I haven’t been able to work due to the corona virus epidemic and nobody had permission to take out any money out of my account, i’m not sure how long this complaint has to be for this to get any attention, that’s absolutely ridiculous by the way that i have to spend my time complaining about a theft that i had no part in, you could email me for a phone number and ill glady talk to whomever it may concern, but my money will be put back on my card like i said this is an act of theft, by no means did fast deals today (Which was associated to me with peep protector) have permission to charge my card for any amount of money, nor did i order anything else to be charged for. I hope to hear back from you soon because i assure you that this will not be last time i attempt to contact your scamming facility! Thank you from an angry “customer” (For lack of better words because by no means will i ever purchase anything else from this trash excuse of a company!!

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