Fast Deals Today — i am complaining about you ripping me off & taking money you didn’t have the permission to take out of my account.

+91 88 6036 9585 [Grievance]
+91 11 4337 1111 [Returns]
+91 11 4063 4888 [Customer Care]
New Delhi, Delhi, India – 110020

You have also take $14.95 from my account as you have many others & i want it refunded asap. You did not have my permission to take from poor people just so you can rip them off. And that is what you are doing to many people for no reason. I will also go the the police & banks & facebook or to whom ever i need to so people will know you are doing this. So if i don’t see a refund to my card or to by a certified money order or check within 7 to 10 business days i will do as i said i would. Also you have take food out of my grandchildren’s mouth!! Hope your proud or happy by ripping people off!

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