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This is the email I sent and didnt receive any reply for 48 hours:

Hello Edward,

please find attached two pictures showing how my credit card was charged by your company on January 25th for 2 meta cases for I PHone and on February 24th for I don't know what.

On January 25th you charged me 4.95 USD for each meta case which I have ordered from you.

On February 24th you charged me 14.95 USD two times which is in total 29.9 USD for I don't know what as I was absolutely not aware of any of your membership programs (which you mention in your email) at the moment of purchasing 2 meta cases for I Phone, nor was I interested in any membership programs. I simply wanted to buy two meta cases for 4.95 USD each and that was all I intended to do with your company.

As you can see, instead of spending 9.9 USD for two meta cases I am charged 3 times more which is absolutely unacceptable.

At this moment I will not ask you to return total of 9.9 USD plus 29.9 USD for which you charged me for, but only 29.9 USD to my account immediately as I feel absolutely cheated by your company for debiting my account without my authorization for whatever reason.

I really hope that you will react immediately and return my money to my account.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Andrijana Senesi

unauthorized debiting of my account
unauthorized debiting of my account

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