Ford — deffective vehicle

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I have a vehicle Ford Endeavour from the Ford Company, purchased from the dealer in Goa, Caculo Ford, St inez- Panaji, Goa. From day one I have been facing problems that keep appearing on and off. Some of them have been solved, by the dealer, which I really appreciate, but I had a problem with the tyres wearing out unevenly, where in the tyres were replaced but the cause o[censored]neven wear was never sorted out even though the car has remained for a long period with the dealer, and the alignment done tons of times.. The tyres are wearing out in the same way, again and I have only covered 9000km+ from the change of the two tyres, and there has been no reply to my recent mails to the Ford company. I also have a A/c problem where in the 10amp fuse keeps blowing off again and again. The dealer suggest I keep a dozen fuses and keep changing them each time the fuse blows off. I have spent over 16 lkhs + for this vehicle. Due you think I should be adviced this as a solution. I have written to the company and dealer asking them to reply to the same ie- " do I have to replace my tyres every 5000km and the fuse every short period it blows off?? ", which they have not replied, making me to seek your help. My contact no:- [protected]. Awaiting your reply

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