Ford Endeavour — car AC not working

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I bought this car Ford Endeavour on 1st Jan 2009 . As it is very expensive car I had quite high expectations with the car as well as with service. But as the summer came last year which is very hot in delhi the AC of the car stopped working. The cooling inside was very very less & mostly I have to open windows.
I have sent my car to Harpreet Ford, Moti Nagar, Delhi many times but they always say that the car AC is working fine & its just the heat of Delhi. But what kind of AC is that which doesnt work in summers??
This year also the AC has very less cooling in comparison to the other cars I have . This year also I have sent my car to Harpreet Ford service station but still they say the AC is ok. They just clean the AC condenser and say there is no problem with AC.
Even I myself showed them the AC cooling by taking the supervisor on road test but they keep my car overnight & next morning say that work has been done & AC is working fine.

I dont know what should I do as I have spent a huge money to buy this SUV & I cannot drive it in summers due to AC.
Plz help me & someone let me know what to do

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