Ford Endeavour — Non Responsive Company

+91 44 2455 1500 (Corp. Office South)
+91 22 6702 4300 (Corp. Office West)
+91 12 4387 3001 (Corp. Office North)
S.P. Koil Post, Chengalpattu, Tamil Nadu, India – 603204

I purchased a Ford Endeavour last year, since my very first service I am complaining of Poor Ride Quality, Slow braking, excessive wear of Brakes and noise in differential. But Ford as it is famous for not taking note of anything. Perhaps they are aware of the manufacturing or desinging defects car has. In the recent years we have noticed that International car companies and in particular from the US and other western countries has developed habits of Dumping Indian market with their outdated and failed models that too at very high prices, and so the Ford doing. Through this forum I want to make Indian consumers aware of it.

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