Ford Endeavour — Sale of a used & damaged car as a new one

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To, The President,
Ford India
I have purchased a Ford Endevour Automatic 4×4 car on 11th July 2010 from Planet Motors at Kolhapur, India.

I had booked the car On 18th June 2010 & I was convined that I will be getting the delivery of the car before 30th June 2010.As there was a delay in commitment I had requested cancellation of booking. I was requested that I will be getting the car in couple of days. Atlast the car was delivered to me on 11th July at 6 am at my place without any formalities. The car was all rouined from interiors. The navigation & the rear camera etc were not working & the car had clocked 500 Kms(310 .Miles) before it was delivered to me. The car has a repainted rear bumper with all the colour stains around.

All the issues were brought to the notice & I was told that all the facts would be rectified in couple of days.

However, nothing is been taken care of. Mr Abhijit Jadhav of Pune at Planet ford has told me ruthlessly to contact the corporates when i asked about the rectifications. This is my reminder mail to Ford. I have already tried to contact the company before. No person has contacted me about this issue inspite of putting the mails for couple of time. Are the customers least important to Ford ?
The papers of my car suggest that the car is manufactured in May 2010. If so, where was the car lying? Why it was promised that I will be delivered a freshly manufactured car?
There are two RTO registrations. (CRTM).
I have a srong suspicion that I have been sold an used car with forged documentation.

I need to clearly know that would my issues be taken care or not.
Why sjould i not go to consumers court of law?

Why there are no contact info on the ford site – the mail ids – in case a customer neesds to contact the corporates of the company.

Dr Sushrut Puranik

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