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Dear Sir,

I am owner of Ford Fiesta 1.4 EXI(d) with Identification no. 7L48935, AND CAR registration no. CH-O4-A-8161 which I bought on 5th Sept,2007 from Bhagat Ford, Chandigarh.

I laid my trust on Ford brand, decided to buy the peace of mind and feel the difference of comfort and driving experience.

For the same, I am carrying all my services almost as per mentioned schedule and at Bhagat Ford Chandigarh only.

In the process, i am also taking extended warranty every year after 1st year so that maintainence of my car is in expert's hands. So my car is still in warranty till Sept,2010.

Unfortunately, last week on thursday,18th March at 3 pm, I was on highway(around 15 kms from Bhagat Ford Chandigarh service centre) when my car stopped and was not starting. I called my service centre helpline at [protected], [protected] of Bhagat ford, Chandigarh to help me in towing away the car and bring it to their service centre.

Initially, they did not pick my call and on picking, their response was complete unprofessional and they responded that it would take them min. two hours to reach at the site. I was really left on highway asking for help but without any response from Bhagat Ford people. Somehow, I managed to take help and bring car to Service centre at 5.30 pm.

They said they need to check the problem and will get back to me next day morning. they did not revert next day morning and than I made a call to them at [protected] asking for status of car which they said is not clear to them as they need to check it first and it could be some fault in engine. I kept calling them continously till yesterday, but they did not respond to my calls at all.

Today morning(i.e after 7 days) they have called me and confirmed that your car is not covered under warranty and you yourself have to bear the expenses for the same which would be approximately between 1 lakh to 1.25 lakh.

You are requested to please understand and help me in this regard that

I am in no position to bear the expenses when I have taken extended warranty on my car.

Local Bhagat Ford representatives have been telling that the expenses will not be borne by Ford, as you have missed the services, which was not at all communicated to me when I was actually getting warranty extended. Bhagat Ford representatives themselves approached me for extension of warranty last year in sept,09.

As a company of such repute, how can an Engine develop fault within 2.5 yrs.. I should not be anyways held responsible for bearing the expenses which was technical and service failure at your company's and representatives end.

let me re-confirm that I can not pay such a huge amount for the in-effiecieny and technical failure on part of your company and channel partners.

Sir, you are requested to please look into the matter urgently and cover these expenses under warranty and help me being a loyal customer of yours.

Ashish Dua

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