Ford Fiesta 1.4 Petrol — Negligence of dealer

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I had given my car having accidental repairs carrying Reg no:KL-40 1386 about three weeks back and the people in kairali ford(Cochin, Kerala) iinformed me of delivering the car on tuesday(20/01/2009) and when i called them on the same day they said to extend the date to 23/01/2009.When i called them up they said the car was fixed and ready to be delivered.The scenario is that when i came to collect my car the car was undone . So i waited for a day more as suggested by the people incharge of my car and again they said some other work regarding the allignment has to be done and i waited for two more days.WHAT SHOULD I DO, Please help, I think u should take the responsibility and ofcourse i no more trust ford.

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