Ford Fiesta — cheating on the exchange offer of Rs.10,000

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Dear Sir,

Last year when I purchased the FORD FIESTA (white) from MPL FORD Showroom Nandanam. The incident happened like this….. Mr VINOD a sales man came to my office saying that he got news that I was looking out to buy a car. He showed me the model and saw my SANTRO in front of my office. He said I will sell it for you dont worry and get you the Rs.10,000 exchange offer too. I asked are you sure you will get it. He said it is childs play for him.

I went ahead, sold the SANTRO car through VINOD and I kept asking him for the sale completion papers. He said dont worry it is coming and it is coming.

In the meantime I purchased the FORD Fiesta.

Later VINOD and all the people in MPL FORD company Nandanam told me that the sales of SANTRO was done after a month and the papers did not come in for a period of 5 months. So they said they cannot pay me Rs,10,000 because the 1 month time was over. All this was an obvious setup.

We told them we will go to complaint. They told us do what you want we are also equally strong.

After fighting a losing battle I gave up. This complaint is registered on this website to warn future customers about the way the exchange offer goes. First get the money and then go with the purchase. If you purchase first you may have a similar experience.

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