Ford Fiesta Diesel — Problem in AC of Ford Fiesta Car

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From: virpal singh rathore <[protected]>
Date: Sat, Apr 17, 2010 at 9:20 AM
Subject: Re: Reply from Ford India – 9369150
To: "President's desk, From (.)" <[protected]>
Cc: "Customer, Care (.)" <[protected]>

Dear All,

I got a call 3 days back from the dealership, they assured me of a solution after going through the service record (Which they did not checked at that time).

I am still waiting for a reply from your/dealership side.

I think, if not resolution to the problem, a customer at least deserve a revert.

Virpal Singh Rathore

On Thu, Apr 15, 2010 at 9:14 AM, virpal singh rathore <[protected]> wrote:


Waiting for your revert.


On Tue, Apr 13, 2010 at 1:44 PM, President's desk, From (.) <[protected]> wrote:

Dear Mr.Virpal Singh Rathore,

Thank you for contacting Ford India. We are in receipt of your mail addressed to our Managing Director regarding your vehicle bearing the registration number RJ14CF1044. We have noted down the contents of your mail and have taken up the issue with the dealership concerned.

We would revert back to you after we receive relevant information from our dealership. Your concern number is 9369150.

Assuring you of our best services and continuous support at all times.

Thanks & Regards,
Customer Relations
Ford India Pvt Ltd

From: virpal singh rathore [mailto:[protected]]
Sent: Monday, April 12, 2010 11:18 PM
To: Customer, Care (.)
Cc: President's desk, From (.)
Subject: Problem With AC in Ford Fiesta


I bought a fiesta diesel 2 years back (The car has completed exactly 2 years today). Since then it was a complete peace of mind as I never spent anything over and above the regular service including oil change etc as required, this is what I was expecting while buying a Ford Car (At least no expenditure for 4-5 years). There were people who used to tell me that I have made a wrong decision buying a diesel car and that too ford. But I always offended them saying 'I have not spent a single penny except the regular service'. As far as service is concerned I can say you guys have come up the curve in terms of service and I have experienced this change in last two years.

Yesterday I had a very bitter experience with my car, which actually spoiled the image of superior quality service, parts and workmanship in Ford, in my mind.

My AC was not doing proper cooling since last 10-15 days so I visited your Harpreet Ford Workshop at Kirti Nagar, Delhi. I met Mr. Ashish (I suppose service advisor) and I have been told that there is some problem with the cooling coil and it needs to be replaced and it will cost some Rs.8000/-. I said OK, but I wanted to know that how come it has gone bad in just 2 years so asked him, does it anywhere related to my driving style or my handling, to which he replied 'NO, it has nothing to do with your car handling but every part in the car has a particular life and life of cooling coil is over'. With this reply I was completely shocked, how come an important part in one of the best car manufacturer's car has life of only two years. I was ready to accept that answer for other parts ( tyres etc.) but could not accept this for cooling coil. When I asked him further, he bluntly told me that I can meet the Service manager for further queries.

So, i met the service manager, Mr. Singh.He was quite cooperative and took an electrician along, before heading towards the car. The electrician also confirmed that this could be a gas leakage of cooling coil problem.

I just want to say that,when both these problems has nothing to do with my driving style or car handling then you people should take the responsibility of repairing the same. Just for your information, I did not took the extended warranty keeping in mind that – With Ford there could not be any problem in first 3-4 years so there is no point taking this package.

I work for an MNC bank as a manager and using this car for my daily office going and some outing once in a month. Maintaining this car very well. You can check the service records ( Car Number is RJ14CF1044) for the same.

You as a manufacturer should take the responsibility of a faulty spare in your car for at least 4-5 years if not for the whole life.

I as a customer purchase this new car in cash when same used car was available at almost half of the price which i paid. This is only because I dont wanted to be running around workshops atleast for 5 years after purchasing.

I hope you would understand the reason for my disappointment and would revert promptly on this.

Thanks & Regards
Virpal Singh Rathore

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