Ford Fiesta — expensive to maintenance

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i would say that ford fiesta is one of the most paethetic vehicle that i have purchased, every time i give it for service they would be asking to me replace parts that are not supposed to be changed at that time ,so far i have changed the following parts

shock absorbers thrice
a/c cooling coil
engine fan motor
fan belt
injector coil

all this happened within 40000 kms service , i m very sure that no car would be required to do so at this stage , moreover the sounds which the interiors produce is horrible ,every time i would inform them about this noises and rough door handles, the only thing they would do is charge me all those lubrication and sound arrest cost but in end it is of no ue and doesnt make any difference. the bill that i got after 40000 kms service was 13000 which is really very high for a car which has covered 40000. i would request all my friends to think twice before you go for a ford ,the car is not worth for what you pay and really very expensive to maintain it

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