Ford Fiesta — Fraud

+91 44 2455 1500 (Corp. Office South)
+91 22 6702 4300 (Corp. Office West)
+91 12 4387 3001 (Corp. Office North)
S.P. Koil Post, Chengalpattu, Tamil Nadu, India – 603204

I purchased a Car from Wonder Ford Meerut in September 2009. They took total amount from me including Insurance Charges. At the time of booking they offered me Rs. 18000/- (Rs. 10000/- towards exchange bonus and Rs. 8000/- towards Profession) but at the time of delivery they told me that they will pay the same after they receive it from Ford India. Ford India canceled their dealership and even after complaining to Ford India they told me that they cant do anything.
Today I came to know another fraud. Wonder Ford issued me a Insurance cover note of Bajaj Allianz but today when I went for renewal to Bajaj Allianz they told that the cheque issued by Wonder Ford dishonored so I will not get No Claim Bonus.

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